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Telecentric Lenses

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Telecentric Lenses can be customized and made to meet certain specifications. Telecentric lenses can be made for true factory automation and they are deisgned to ensure the highest image resolution within the machine vision world. Lenses of this kind are certainly better for larger objects. In addition, Telecentric lenses can be made with lenses as tiny as 2 microns.

Telecentric Lenses are frequently used in the area of scientific research as well as in the machine industry. For example, a Double Sided Telecentric Lens can have a distortion range of about 0.1%. In addition, Telecentirc Lenses can have a wavelength of approximately 375 nm. Lenses of this kind can have an illumination range of about 95%. The illumination range of 95% makes Telecentric Lenses perfect for viewing larger more detailed objects.

Lenses of this kind have low distortion which enables more accurate estimates. The unique design of these lenses makes them quite useful within industrial environments. In addition, some Telecentric Lenses have a built in coaxial illumination feature.

The Flat Telecentric Lenses are ideal for linescan cameras. In addition, a detailed test report is avaiable with the Flat Telecentric Lenses. The flat type lenses are also used with matrix detectors. Additional lens clamps and mounting fixtures are also available upon request.

All Telecentric Lenses are high performance and pre-engineered. Alllenses of this type can easily be ordered on line and delivered right to your door. It is important to understand that an entrance pupil makes the lens space Telecentric.

Telecentric Lenses can do some very amazing things. It is important to decide if Telecentric lenses would be useful within your particular industry. Lenses of this type can be customized to meet almost any demand. 

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